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Spider-Man: No Way Home poster
Action , Adventure , Fantasy
Negara: USA
Release: Dec 15, 2021
Peter Parker is unmasked and no longer able to separate his normal life from the high-stakes of bein... Lihat Detail
Eternals poster
Action , Adventure , Fantasy
Negara: USA
Release: Nov 03, 2021
The Eternals are a team of ancient aliens who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of y... Lihat Detail
Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen poster
Animation , Action
Negara: Japanese
Release: Dec 06, 2021
Tanjirou, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, aided by the Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui, travel to Yoshiwara red ligh... Lihat Detail
The King's Man poster
Action , Adventure , Comedy
Negara: Czech Republic , USA , UK
Release: Dec 22, 2021
A spin-off of the Kingsman movie series which will look at the spy organization at the turn of the 2... Lihat Detail
Rusty Blade poster
Drama , Action
Negara: China
Release: Jan 10, 2022
Bad and Crazy poster
Action , Crime , Fantasy
Negara: Korea
Release: Dec 17, 2021
A mystery drama in which detectives with different personalities solve various cases.... Lihat Detail
WarHunt poster
Action , Horror , Thriller
Negara: USA
Release: Jan 21, 2022
1945. A U.S. military cargo plane loses control and violently crashes behind enemy lines in the midd... Lihat Detail
Pushpa: The Rise - Part 1 poster
Action , Adventure , Crime
Negara: India
Release: Dec 16, 2021
No Time To Die poster
Action , Adventure , Thriller
Negara: UK , USA
Release: Oct 06, 2021
Bond has left active service but his peace is short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter from the ... Lihat Detail
Oh! My God poster
Action , Comedy , Romance
Negara: Korea
Release: Feb 16, 2006
Eun-joo jatuh untuk playboy Jung-hwan setelah ia menyelamatkan dia dari tenggelam, dan sumpah untuk ... Lihat Detail
Resident Evil poster
Action , Horror , Sci-Fi
Negara: France , Germany , UK
Release: Nov 24, 2021
A reboot of the "Resident Evil" franchise. Set in 1998, the intention is to re-create the 'terrifyin... Lihat Detail
Demon Sealer Bureau poster
Fantasy , Action
Negara: China
Release: Jan 20, 2022
A hundred years ago, Immortal Master Yu Xu sealed beasts in eight states, and the Southwest scared t... Lihat Detail
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings poster
Action , Adventure , Fantasy
Negara: USA
Release: Sep 03, 2021
Shang-Chi must confront the past he thought he left behind when he is drawn into the web of the myst... Lihat Detail
F9 poster


Action , Crime , Thriller
Negara: USA
Release: May 19, 2021
Dominic Toretto is leading a quiet life off the grid with Letty and his son, little Brian, but they ... Lihat Detail
Avengers: Endgame poster
Action , Adventure , Drama
Negara: USA
Release: Apr 24, 2019
The turning point of the beloved heroes' epic journey, as they come to truly understand how fragile ... Lihat Detail
Peacemaker - Season 1 poster
Action , Adventure , Comedy
Negara: United States
Release: Jan 13, 2022
The origin of the DC superhero so dedicated to world peace that he is prepared to use force of arms ... Lihat Detail
Antim: The Final Truth poster
Action , Crime , Drama
Negara: India
Release: Nov 26, 2021
A farmer's son is forced to leave the village and move to the city, where he soon becomes a dreaded ... Lihat Detail
No Ordinary Family - Season 1 poster
Action , Comedy , Drama
Negara: USA
Release: Sep 28, 2010
Setelah kecelakaan pesawat di Amazon, keluarga Powells menemukan diri mereka dilengkapi dengan kekua... Lihat Detail
One Piece poster
Animation , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Super Power , Drama , Fantasy , Shounen
Negara: Japan
Release: Oct 20, 1999
Musim ini mengikuti petualangan Monkey D. Luffy dan Straw Hat Pirates nya dari EiichirĊ Oda 's... Lihat Detail
The Matrix Resurrections poster
Action , Sci-Fi
Negara: USA
Release: Dec 16, 2021
The fourth installment in The Matrix franchise.... Lihat Detail
Venom: Let There Be Carnage poster
Action , Adventure , Sci-Fi
Negara: China , USA
Release: Oct 01, 2021
Sequel to the box-office hit film "Venom."... Lihat Detail
Kowloon Walled City poster
Drama , Action
Negara: China
Release: Dec 26, 2021
Pejuang Jalanan Timur Laut Aneng (diperankan oleh Shi Yanneng) melarikan diri ke Hong Kong dan diint... Lihat Detail
Happiness poster
Action , Thriller , Drama , Fantasy
Negara: Korea
Release: Nov 05, 2021
A new type of deadly virus spread throughout the city, and the apartment where has different social ... Lihat Detail